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Journey to Authenticity

One of the lessons we need to learn on our journey through life is to be authentic, or to speak and behave in a way that reflects who we truly are. If you were raised as I was, pleasing adults with our behaviour was paramount to remaining loved by our parents...or so it seemed. A central belief begins in us that we are not good enough as we are and in my opinion is one origin of a poor sense of worthiness and low self esteem. Needing to be liked makes speaking our truth extremely difficult. It feels a lot safer to agree and not give an honest opinion. Eventually however one begins to feel uncomfortable because a different face is worn for different circumstances and seldom is our true self presented. There is a sense of being fragmented and not whole. You can change this way of being. It is liberating to speak one's truth and yes it is tough to do but each time it is done the next time is easier.

Learning to love and and accept ourselves is a journey that takes courage and hard work. But it is never too late to start. Come journey with us.

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