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Life lessons from a Horse

Horses are amazing teachers and I have learned a lot from mine. To begin with, horses stay in the moment, they are beautifully grounded; in fact if you are trying to connect with a horse, you can only do that by being in the moment yourself. They don't worry about what tomorrow might bring like humans do, nor do they mull over what happened the day before, but are fully present, standing with you. So, that means that when you are with them, their focus is on you and they are attentive to you. I would like to spend more of my life in the present moment and they are assisting me with that journey. Horses are authentic, in other words they don't pretend to be other than themselves. They don't put on a different face in different situations. They are genuine so what you see is what you get... a pure, honest individual. My horses react the same to everyone; they don't show favoritism to one, nor do they belittle another. They have respect for any individual that treats them with respect and kindness.

They never hold a grudge.

My horses derive a lot of pleasure being shown love and affection and when it is given freely they genuinely respond in kind. By mirroring my horses I know I have become a better person.

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