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" I have more awareness of my strengths and how important I am and that loving myself is more than trying to get respect from my family."

"This workshop helped me to find my voice. I was surprised to find it and I have carried it with my after the program."

"I feel I got to do a lot of emotional processing and let go of some grief. I also feel a bit lighter, more confident and more connected due to my success in creating boundaries."

" I feel proud of myself and that I can do anything I set my mind to."

"I have more hope!"

" I feel more confident than I have in years!"

" Thank you so much for being a part of my journey. You truly are a gift to so many. Your work is invaluable."

Our Story

Heartwood Equine Connections has been operating since 2009.  We are located on a farm on Cherry Hill Road, close to Thamesford.  We operate 2 day workshops from April through and including October. In a workshop the clients experience working with therapy horses in ground activities ranging from simple to more challenging. All activities are conducted in a safe manner with the comfort of the individual maintained.

Between activities we meet in circle to share stories about our journey and helpful ways to heal and move forward. Our goal is to promote self worth, confidence and boundary setting skills.


We accept individual members of the community in our workshops as well as clients of established organizations that protect and help women experiencing trauma.

519 852 4377

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