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Horses love the social interaction with people. They bring their gifts of intuition, their innate tendency to readily respond to the feelings  of the person they are interacting with, and their gentleness and genuine desire to help.  At Heartwood we have two beautiful mares that actively participate in sessions with clients.




Samsong is a thoroughbred mare who came to Heartwood in October, 2010. She is a retired SARI horse and is very gentle. Sammy loves people and is very affectionate. When people look into Sammy’s eyes, they connect to her heart. She loves attention, loves games and returns love to all who offer it. Standing at 15.2 hands she is smart and committed to helping.  Born 1994.

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Sophie loves people. She is happy to be paddock mates with Sammie and loving her role as an equine therapist. She excels at connecting using those gorgeous warm eyes and soft demeanor.

She stands 16.0 hands high and was born in 2004. Sophie was adopted from the Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society in 2019.

Sophie and Terry

Heartwood welcomes our newest member of the herd... Sophie.

She is a beautiful Standardbred

mare adopted from The Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society.

She has trained diligently to

become a trusted helper.

She stands 16 hands high and,

has a lovingly soft temperament.

She is calm, loves people and is eager to help.

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