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Horse Wisdom​

Horses have roamed the earth for thousands of years. As an animal of prey, they survived by identifying and interpreting the energy of other species that enter their space. This skill forms the basis of their interaction with people. Horses possess the innate ability to read the emotions of humans. The identified emotion is projected back to that person. Horses do not make judgments but connect with an open authentic heart. Thus, people more readily accept feedback that the horse offers. They bring only love and acceptance into the relationship. They live in the present moment and do not carry the burden of their history.


Horses are sensitive to the energy produced by the human heart and humans are sensitive to the energy produced by the horse’s heart. The connection that occurs between horse and human is an exquisite and intimate touching of one heart to another. Through these interactions, we gain insight into our own innermost feelings; emotions that may be beyond our consciousness. The experience is therapeutic, physically, mentally and emotionally. It opens one’s consciousness to the precious wisdom that we as humans have within us.

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