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Lynne St. Jacques​

I was first introduced to the healing power of horses by reading Riding between the Worlds, a book by Linda Kohanov.  I was mesmerised and began a search for training that would enhance my current counselling background to enable me to counsel and coach people using horses to assist me. I was impressed by the training offered by Leigh Shambo and Kathleen Barry Ingram at HEAL (Human Equine Alliances for Learning) and immediately signed up for the Facilitator Training Program. The training was superb. I am grateful for the opportunity to assist in the empowerment of people using the wisdom of the horse. My clients and I are in awe of these beautiful creatures and their innate willingness to help.


One of my passions is being of service to others. In this realm I was involved with Camp Wendake (a camp for persons living with HIV/AIDS) for 5 years, 4 years as Staff Director and one year working in the kitchen. In February 2008, I traveled to Tanzania, Africa with the Canada Africa Community Health Alliance as part of a team bringing medical aid to people in the Kilimanjaro region. In 2008-2009, I began to volunteer with Hospice London. I have learned that in serving others I receive so much in return.

I am also passionate about human rights, animal rights, and the advancement and empowerment of women through education. I believe in respectful communication as the precursor to peaceful existence.


I live in Poplar Hill, northwest of London, Ontario, Canada and I am the Executive Director of Heartwood Equine Connections. On site I have 2 amazing and beautiful horses who assist us in counselling clients. They are Sophie and Samantha. (Please see the Heartwood Herd Page)

Education and Background:


Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Physical and Health Education
Queen’s University, Kingston


Teacher Training
McArthur College of Education, Kingston


Specialist Certificate in Guidance
University of Western Ontario


Coaches Training Institute
Completion of Core Curriculum certification by University of Western Ontario  2008


Peer Spirit Circle Practicum
Completed the course specializing in facilitation by use of the circle,2008


Women’s Elder Quest by Wilderness Rites
9 day experience in the Inyou Mountains of California 2009


H.E.A.L.  Facilitator Training Program
Human Equine Alliance for Learning
Certification as an Equine Facilitated Educational Specialist


Leader of Women’s Circles, Ceremonies, Rituals and Celebrations

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