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Heartwood Equine Connections is a centre for coaching and educating people while employing the use of horses as therapists in the process. Clients who seek to enhance their emotional health by interacting  with their equine partner are assisted to find their own inner truth, answers that may have previously escaped them. Equine therapy is an innovative approach to self development.


Clients report that they have experienced a deep, intimate and sacred connection with the horse they have partnered with.  The connection is a thrilling experience and the feeling remains with them long after.

Our Mission

To promote health for individuals in need of emotional healing by providing individual and group sessions that employ active, guided relationship exercises with horses as a therapeutic tool.


The participants who benefit from Heartwood’s programs and services include those who have had various forms of traumatic experience with “trauma” being subjective to, and defined individual by, the person.  These include: abuse, neglect deprivation, victims of violence, experiences of war, lack of community, family dysfunction, illness, accidents, life transitions, grief and loss, bullying, racism, sexual identity and discrimination.

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