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Wh824684at's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

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He felt pure acceptance. He spoke a lot of the calmness he felt that he has not felt in a long while. He felt acceptance (this was an emotional need for him). He also was able to trust which he said was an issue for him. He felt that when he was with the horses he could breathe and be relaxed . He gave the workshop a score of 9 out of 10. He feels he can trust and he uses the breath to calm himself.

Cory (veteran)

Time is finite on earth and to live each day fully we need to be reminded that our purpose is to receive and live in love. This workshop  (Start with the Heart) helped me experience and get back in touch with the real world and to reset my path through life without the false rules and materials of the “plastic”, unreal world.  To get in touch with the language of women which we have lost in the process of evolution into the present society. 


The Start with the Heart Workshop is a wonderful opportunity to grow and shine, to speak from your heart, to give and receive from your heart and to receive the wonderful teachings and gifts the horses can bring to you. I will have more awareness in setting and respecting boundaries, and interpreting subtle body language. I will embrace my power and will have less fear of failure.  Thank you for helping me with these changes.


The horses' gentle nature and intuitiveness make me feel calm and safe. At first it wasn't like that. My feelings of inadequacy and fear were running my life. But with Lynne's quiet, unwavering  guidance and the deep knowing that horses naturally have I've been able to learn how to feel grounded and live more in the present moment. Lynne's trust in me has taught me that I can trust in myself. I've become more self confident, more aware and more and more able to see that there are people and creatures in the world that are good. I've done things I never thought I could do like being connected to something, and having meaning in my life. Thank you Lynne and Sammie and Sophie.


“Bonny Clare helped me release a lot of grief over the breakdown of my relationship. Grief I did not realize I still carried. 


“Yesterday, working with both of you, was a definite WOWexperience. It was hugely life changing for me. My lungs are filling with air and I no longer feel any blockage or restriction. Lynne, I feel good about this. That is the amazing part. I am so thankful to you and Dancer. Just thinking about it is bringing happy tears to my eyes. I just noticed that I also have a smile on my face, and I feel calm and peaceful.”


At first the thought of bearing my soul to a horse sounded ludicrous: I mean, how silly would I feel talking earnestly to a horse!  … And yet bear my soul I did: not always in words, Bonny Clare doesn’t always need words, but in a gentle, authentic way that I don’t entirely understand.  Bonnie Clare showed me how to drop all pretexts and agendas and share my genuine feelings. Communicating so purely with another being helped me learn about who I am and what’s important to me deep down.  It was one of the most genuine communication experiences I have ever had.  Thank you Bonny Clare! 

B. Archibald

”I have spent years in psychotherapy, but it took just 30 minutes with a horse  in the workshop "Start with the Heart .“


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